Web Design Basics

Fred Murhammer   •  

Course Schedule

Session 1: Introduction; Syllabus review; Lecture on web design languages (their purpose and function); basic framework of an HTML document); DTDs; character sets; text markup (text block and phrase elements); and HTML syntax

Session 2: Discuss Assignment 1; HTML’s semantic structure and elements; HTML lists (unordered, ordered, and definition); special characters; and HTML validation

Session 3: Your Assignment 1 is due; Site folder; sub folders; naming conventions, home page; and linking site pages together via a main navigation system

Session 4: Overview of CSS and its syntax; Linking to an external style sheet; CSS Box Model (width, height, borders, padding, margins); building a design template; Understanding HSL, RGB and Hexadecimal color models; how to define overall page colors; and specify element foreground and background color;

Session 5: Discuss Assignment 2; Overflow Control; working with CSS text controls; and CSS list styling controls; CSS validation; and web fonts;

Session 6: Your Assignment 2 is due; if time permits: lecture on web graphics and common web design grids; and using Photoshop to create PNGs and JPEGs

Session 7: Image element for graphic placement within an HTML document; aligning text and images; background images; and creating and coding favicons

Session 8: Discuss Assignment 3; Constructing a template; Laying out a thumbnails page; external hyperlinks; anchor element’s target attribute; Jumpto links; mailto links; and image maps

Session 9: Your Assignment 3 is due; and FTP

Session 10: Multi-column layouts; Laying out an image gallery with thumbnails for navigating through display size graphics; and CSS image swap; working with relative, absolute, and fixed positioned elements; and layering items

Session 11: Intro to Response Web Design; and CSS Media Queries

Session 12: Interactivity: CSS button rollovers; CSS Transitions; CSS Transformations; and CSS drop down menu

Session 13: Intro to JavaScript: DOM, API, strings, assignment, string, variables, concatenation, includes, Date object, CSS dynamic styling; properties, If statements, methods, functions, and troubleshooting.

Session 14: Student's complete Course Evaluations; review and students' questions; students work individually on their projects, during which time they may solicit the instructor for help. Remember to bring your final project files to class.

Session 15: Final Project is due; Attendance is mandatory for matriculated and certificate students as well as those students seeking a record of attendance; students present their finished final projects. Last Class.